Don't expect big surprises from Apple at WWDC

Already announced Jobs keynote, launch of iCloud likely to remain focus of event

Apple watchers and other industry observers are speculating this week about what surprises the company might have in store at next Monday's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

The guessing is understandable, based on Apple's history. The company is noted for building suspense and drama prior to big events and announcements, and loves nothing more than to drop headline-grabbing news (on a sometimes too easily dazzled tech media).

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That's why, as MarketWatch's Rex Crum notes, Apple's announcement early this week that 1) co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs would deliver part of Monday's keynote, and that 2) the company would launch its iCloud services was a departure from the norm.

Apple also said the WWDC would feature the unveiling of upcoming versions of its iOS mobile and Mac OSX operating systems.

It seems to me that's plenty. Beyond that you start to muddle your marketing efforts, and one thing Apple has been good at is crafting and selling a specific message.

And I'm guessing the two main headlines Apple wants to read starting Monday are that 1) Steve Jobs is recovering from the health problems that prompted him to take an indefinite leave of absence last January, and 2) Apple is in the iCloud.

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