Breakfast links: Verizon, let us tether

Plus: Sony comes up with spiffy new name for spiffy new handheld

•An advocacy group draws a line in the sand when it comes to wireless data charges, asking the FCC to block Verizon from charging for 4G tethering. Blocks on tethering made sense back when most smartphone carriers offered unlimited data, but now that they almost all have data plans anyway, it sure seems harder to justify. [CNet]

•Sony's next-generation portable gaming system, long known as the NGP (for "next-generation portable"), has a new name: Vita, which should remind you of life and vivaciousness and not at all "Vista," which it's only one letter away from. [TechSpot]

RSA is handing out more of its little security token thingies for free in response to an attack on one of its major customers. [El Reg]

•As if RIM doesn't have enough to worry about: the iMessage universal messaging app Steve Jobs unveiled at yesterday's keynote bears an uncanny resemblance to BlackBerry's still-popular messaging platform. [IBT]

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