Breakfast links: .Net developers taste betrayal

Also: FBI humiliated again, security-wise.

•In the process of revealing its shiny new Windows 8 interface, which is mostly built on Web-based technologies, Microsoft seems to have angered one very important constituency: .Net and Silverlight programmers. Developers, developers ... developers? [El Reg]

•Hackers have gleefully broken into the site of InfraGard, a public-private partnership that works with the FBI on computer security issues. Cheeky! [AP]

Peter Hajas wrote a notification system for jailbroken iOS devices. Apple is known for not liking it when people jailbreak iOS devices. So Hajas was probably as surprised as anyone to be hired by Apple. Too soon to see any of his work show up in iOS 5, but still... [TechCrunch]

Steve Jobs has a new authorized biography coming out, if you find authorized biographies interesting. [AppleInsider]

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