Star Wars gets an Xbox Kinect game

Swing your arms like a Jedi

This week's E3 video game conference promises to reveal a lot of new upcoming games and systems, so I'm hoping to post some of the trailers here on the blog. First up, this new trailer for a Star Wars game that uses the Kinect accessory to let players swing their arms while holding a virtual light saber.

I'm not sure about the Kinect-enabled pod-racing and X-wing fighting, but if the light saber battling works as advertised, I will likely be racing out to buy one soon.

UPDATE: The folks at IGN have posted the live demo from the show, in which a guy shows how some of the gameplay will work. One person asked me how players will move around, or whether the game is on rails - it certainly looks like you will be able to move freely. Also, will you be able to kill Jar Jar with a light saber? Doesn't look like it.

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