Breakfast links: Citibank latest victim of a major security breach

Also: More turmoil at Nokia

Credit: Source: Reuters/Luke MacGregor

Citigroup has become the latest victim in a spree of Internet break-ins, with hackers gaining access to the bank's systems and "viewing" tens of thousands of customers' records. The bank assures everyone that the information viewed did not include credit card numbers or social security numbers, but the nefarious intruders did gain access to names, bank account numbers, and contact information. [AP]

•Doing its part on the security front, Google has added warnings to Chrome that tell you when you're downloading files recognized as malware. [CW]

Nokia CTO Richard Green has taken a "leave of absence" to "attend to a personal matter" and will be "temporarily replaced" by the head of the company's research lab. Green has been CTO only since last year. His completely temporary departure has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he opposed the shift in the company's smartphone efforts from Meego to Windows Phone 7. [NYT]

•Another thing Green's absence is totally unrelated to is the sale of Nokia to Samsung, because Samsung is 100 percent not buying Nokia, Stephen Elop insists. [Guardian]

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