Breakfast links: Happy IPv6 Day, everybody!

Plus: Facebook issues yet another privacy apology

•When you stumbled out of bed this morning and turned on the computer, were you greeted by the Internet as you know it, or did you see only a yawning void? If the latter, then maybe your network isn't ready for IPv6. Actually, it's possible that your ISP still isn't ready, even if you can reach your favorite Websites. Stay tuned for trouble! [Guardian]

•More and more developers are writing code for both Android and iOS, but the pool of Android developers is growing more quickly, and there are more of them. The number of Windows Phone developers is declining. [Inqi]

•Facebook apologized for not "being more clear" with users about its new facial recognition software, but they're still going to leave it turned on by default, so how sorry could they be, really? [BBC]

•What's Microsoft going to do with Skype, exactly? Nobody knows! But probably they aren't going to crusade for European Net neutrality rules the way Skype did while independent. [NYT]

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