I bet those 'friends' are fake too, Facebook Tattoo Lady

Dutch woman who says she tattooed faces of 152 Facebook friends on her body comes clean

Facebook Tattoo Lady.jpgPhoto credit: YouTube

Well, this is discouraging. Remember the Facebook Tattoo Lady who put a spring in the step of every person who saw her YouTube video displaying the tattoos on her body of 152 of her Facebookingest Facebook friends? The one who made us believe in the powerful commingling of freedom of expression, body art and social media corporate branding?

She's a fraud. A heart-breaking, soul-crushing fraud.

We wanted to believe in you and your message, Facebook Tattoo Lady. We watched the painstaking process of the quite attractive Dutch tattoo artist adorning your body with pictures of 152 of your Facebook friends. We dug the techno-beat of the Gorillaz that you chose for your YouTube video soundtrack.

Mostly, though, we marveled at your commitment to social networking, for which you -- literally -- gave up your body.

But it was all a big sham, part of a marketing campaign!

Mashable reports:

Rotterdam-based tattoo artist Dex Moelker 'fessed up to the Dutch-language Telegraaf that the tattoo was actually temporary, not permanent.

"It is a try out tattoo, a transfer, that washes off in a couple of days," Moelker told the newspaper, according to DutchNews.nl. The temporary tattoo only took a few hours to apply in a single session, she said, not 30 hours as claimed in Susyj87's video.

The whole YouTube charade -- which, I'd like to point out, was reported in many places without any skepticism -- was a way to promote Pretty Social, a company based in the Netherlands that sells stuff I'm not going to mention here because I'm tired of being a tool for marketers.

Maybe Facebook Tattoo Lady is a fake. But I least I still know Rebecca Black can really sing.

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