Steve Jobs wants a spaceship...well, a spaceship-shaped Apple headquarters

Company co-founder pitches Cupertino City Council on futuristic office building

Apple chief executive and co-founder Steve Jobs has a vision for the company's future -- and it includes a spaceship-shaped headquarters.

On Tuesday Jobs shared his vision for a new Apple campus with the Cupertino (Calif.) City Council.

You can watch Jobs's pitch to the council in the video below (warning: it's more than 21 minutes long). He begins by explaining that "Apple is growing like a weed" and "it's clear we need to build a new campus."

"We've got almost 12,000 people in the area," Jobs said. "So we're renting buildings -- not very good buildings, either -- at an ever greater radius from our campus."

Solution, says Jobs: A single, four-story building on former Hewlett-Packard property recently purchased by Apple that would hold 12,000 employees. As for the building itself, "It's a little like a spaceship landed," Jobs told the council with a chuckle.

Here's a screenshot from Jobs's presentation of the proposed building:

I think it looks pretty cool.

Interesting features:

* Jobs says "there's not a single straight piece of glass in this building."

* Underground parking lot will decrease surface parking by 90%

* The number of trees on the property would go to 6,000 from 3,700, Jobs says.

* The proposed new campus will use an energy center and natural gas as "our primary source of power," Jobs says. The grid would serve as a backup.

* Property will include well-appointed landing area for the mother ship

Maybe that last one's not definite, but the others are straight from Jobs, who says he hopes to break ground in 2012 and move into the new campus in 2015.

To the Cupertino City Council, I say: Give the man his spaceship.

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