Breakfast links: Apple's all-American iCloud

Plus: Wanna see the inside of a ChromeBook?

•If there's one thing that is bound to make you proud to be an American (or, alternately, to wish wistfully that you could have American citizenship to be proud of), it's the fact that here in America we get all the good tech stuff first. The latest example: Apple's iCloud won't be available in the U.K. until 2012 at least. [Paid Content]

•With Nintendo stock sinking after the first demoing of its Wii U, the company is now claiming that it should have explained the new gaming system better, not spending so much time focusing on its control. [GamaSutra]

•Cheer up, haters of software patents! The Supreme Court's decision in Microsoft vs. i4i might have been a lot worse. [CW]

•There aren't any particular hardware innovations that have gone into the Samsung Chromebook, but darn it if those screwdriver-happy kids at iFixit didn't take one apart anyway. [eWeek]

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