Google Doodle Guitar Fun: Here come the songs!

People use Google Doodle to create new videos

In honor of what would have been guitar legend Les Paul's 96th birthday, Google yesterday created a Google Doodle in the shape of a guitar. Site visitors could use their mouse and keyboard to strum strings on the guitar to create songs. A genius record button let people record their songs as well.

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The Doodle is so popular that Google tweeted this morning that it would be up for another day, so you still have some chances to create some masterpieces. It's so popular that people are creating videos of their strummings, including this version of Black Sabbath's "Iron Man":

The Huffington Post created a tutorial on how to play the Google Doodle Guitar, pointing out which keys respond to which strings and notes.

A quick search of YouTube will likely let you find your favorite song - the Interwebs are good at producing things quite quickly. Here's "Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple:

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