Steve Jobs will get his spaceship

Cupertino mayor: 'No chance' Apple's request to build new campus will be rejected

Let's hope Cupertino (Calif.) Mayor Gilbert Wong isn't expecting, you know, a ride on the Apple spaceship in return for the city's approval.

(Also see: Steve Jobs wants a spaceship...well, a spaceship-shaped Apple headquarters)

After all, the company's new headquarters, as described to the City Council earlier this week by Apple CEO Steve Jobs, is a building shaped like a spaceship, not an actual spaceworthy craft.

It'd be a shame to seem him disappointed because Wong is an unreserved supporter of the new campus, whose main building would accommodate 12,000 Apple employees.

From Apple Insider:

"There is no chance that we're saying no," Wong said. He noted that growing up, he used an Apple II computer and has stuck with the company's products since.

Talk about leveraging your authority for the good of the community! Mayor Wong, if you just pretend to drag your feet a little bit, I promise Apple will donate some iPads to a school or something. Seriously, Apple expects it.

Wong said he expects Apple to submit building plans for review and approval by the city later in the year. Jobs said during his presentation that building wouldn't begin until next year and that he expects the new spaceship headquarters to be ready by 2015.

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