Breakfast links: Who hacked the IMF?

Plus: iPhones go zero-G

•Another day, another high-profile security breach -- this one has hit the International Monetary Fund. Ominously, the attack is said to be "state-based," i.e., the work of one of the world's governments. [Bloomberg]

•The U.S. State Department is working to help dissidents create parallel Internet services in regions where oppressive governments or rebel groups try to prevent the spread of information. [NYT

Unlocked iPhones may be coming to U.S. Apple Stores this Wednesday, according to a rumor that originally had new MacBook Airs coming to the Apple Store this Wednesday, so take it with a grain of salt. [AppleInsider]

•In even less important iPhone news, the final Space Shuttle mission will ferry two iPhone 4s to the International Space Station. [Venture Beat]

•Nobody who works at cell phone stores is pushing Windows Phone 7, which is kind of sad, really. [Boston Herald]

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