Where is the IT talent going? Facebook, mainly

Two years of hiring/recruiting data show Facebook the winner in the race for IT talent

From the career perspective of most people in corporate IT, watching the highest-profile companies in the IT and Internet industries hire and fire is a spectator sport, more than anything else.

Most people hear more about perks than about real salaries and benefits, if they're not on the Web 2.0 circuit among the vendor companies.

Free beverages at Microsoft; time off at Google to work on personal projects (and great cafeterias); stock options (that go nowhere) at Yahoo; cultural cachet with outsiders and lots of warm-and-fuzzies from HR on the inside at Apple.

Inside those companies comparing benefits is an obsession; for hiring managers, keeping the employees they like and getting the ones they want is a contact sport.

Oddly, it's not always possible to tell from the flow of talented IT people which company is the hottest at any given time.

It's pretty interesting, anyway.

Social-recruiting site TopProspect's diagram shows Facebook attracting way more talent than any of the other biggies in the social-networking market.

Interested in getting one of those gigs? Just as with any other company, your best chance is to have friends who already work there, according to more graphical data from the same source.

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