Breakfast links: LulzSec hits the mainstream

Plus: Apple brings the cloud to your office, with a so-called 'hard drive'

•After a series of high-profile hacks, LulzSec is getting attention beyond the tech community, with mainstream publications like the Christian Science Monitor writing very serious think pieces on "What is LulzSec"? ("...short for Lulz Security...") [CSM]

•The Electronic Privacy Information Center has filed a complaint with the FTC over Facebook's facial recognition features, claiming that it amounts to "biometric data collection." [IBT]

•A deal between Comcast and Skype will make video-calling via our TV sets, long a staple of sci-fi, a reality, at least for those who buy a special set-top box from Comcast and don't mind people seeing what they look like while lounging around at home. [AP]

•A peek inside the latest Airport Utility application reveals that there's a new model of Apple's Time Capsule backup hard drive in the works, meaning the company isn't going all to the cloud just yet. [AppleInsider]

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