Forget cops; other hackers are taking down LulzSec and Anonymous

Real undergrounders at Team Poison don't like script-kiddy poseur attention-whores

The flame war both LulzSec and Anonymous now claim was fake helped accomplish one thing: it and the AntiSec operation the groups launched afterward ticked off more senior portions of the hacker community enough to strike back.

The first big shot was aimed at LulzSec, through LulzExposed, a site run by WebNinjas that is dedicated specifically to exposing LulzSec and squeegeeing it from the 'net.

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" We all want to see LulzSec behind bars for their insane acts. As if Security Agencies in the world are not enough, As if Jester and Co are not enough, As if Awinee and co are not enough, As if Web Ninjas are not enough, Sabu and Topiary pissed off the famous hacker group TeaMp0iSoN."

Web Ninjas posted a photo it claims is the leader of LulzSec, and to be withholding his name and address until it can give the information to law enforcement.

Other key Lulz exposed include Topiary, allegedly the primary voice behind the LulzBoat Twitter feed; Joepie, who is allegedly responsible for the Lulz Security site on which the group posts its announcements, and Kayla, the "16-year-old girl" who cracked HBGary, but who may now turn out to be an older man from Canada.

An older, better-known hacker group called TeamPoison has also jumped in to give the Lulz a few kicks.

"We're just fed up of people thinking anon/lulzsec are hackers when clearly they are just DDoSers and SQLi skids," TeamPoison tweeted.

The group says it posted a message containing the name of a Dutch member of LulzSec and is ready to reveal "pictures, addresses, Passwords, IPs, phone numbers, etc." to complete the revelation.


No matter how many bots you gather, no matter how much people you lie to, no matter how much pre-made tools you use, you will _NEVER_ represent the real hacking scene, we warned you, we told you we do not make empty threats, we gave u 48hrs to secure your ircs yet u failed to do so, instead u posted hashes from public forums and then claimed you doxed us and laughed at the fact that i was 17years old. stop telling yourself that u are hackers, putting a ip into a irc is NOT hacking nor is using pre-made tools and scripts to grab databases… you do not represent the anti-sec movement, u are not allowed to greet underground groups like zf0, ab, h0n0, el8 like your member “AnonSabu” was doing, you will never be apart of the underground scene, if anyone thinks you are underground and can actually hack they have no idea about what happens in the underground scene. oh and TeaMp0isoN Issue 2 is coming out VERY soon exposing lulzsec members (pictures, addresses, passwords, ips, phone numbers etc). . . . not so anonymous anymore are you? lets hope that you can swim because the lulzboat just got titanic’d…"

TeamPoison even Tweeted the log showing how it cracked Joepie's security and ID as part of the traditional round of taunting a downed foe:

"How we got into the Domain Account: sorry LulzSec its not DDoS or SQLi related so u wont understand even tho its basic nix"

The LulzBoat has been in rough seas since Tuesday morning, when it was revealed a 19-year-old in England had been arrested as the alleged mastermind behind the group.

He's not, according to both LulzSec and Anonymous; he is a peripheral member of both groups, once responsible for running IRC chat channels each group used to communicate.

Anonymous cast Clear out and "doxed" him as retaliation for attacks on the AnonOps channel, exposure that might have led to his arrest, had two other Anonymous members not (according to LulzSec) dimed him out more specifically by telling British police about Clear directly.

Faced with more arguments, rebellions and attacks of its own, LulzSec outed and aggressively peddled the names of two other hackers it dislikes to the FBI.

The two allegedly leaked some LulzSec server logs to authorities, presumably to avoid prosecution for other attacks.

One of the two "snitches," reads the LulzSec note to the FBI "tried to snitch on us. Therefore we just did your job for you with great ease."

"This moron is trying to flee the country in order to avoid serious punishment. Hunt him down."

LulzSec: playing with fire for as long as it still has fingers.

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