Breakfast links: Skype leadership unceremoniously shown exit

Plus: The Post gets serious about its iPad strategy

•Usually the management team that engineers a major and lucrative buyout of the company they run can look forward to a reward for a job well done in the form of all their stock options that vest upon the completion of the acquisition. Unfortunately for the top management of Skype, the private equity firm that owns a 70 percent stake in the company chose to fire them before the Microsoft buyout officially closed. [Felix Salmon]

•Who will save us from the recent rash of hacker attacks? The military-industrial complex, apparently! The Defense and Homeland Security departments are working with defense contractors to come up with some kind of security strategy to fight lulz-happy hackers. [PC Mag]

•If thought that the 3D TV was a bad idea, wait until you hear about the latest even worse idea: smell-o-vision. [NY Post]

•Apologies if you're reading this on an iPad and tried to click (tap?) on that previous link. The New York Post is redirecting all iPad browser traffic to an ad for the paper's iPad app, which you need a paid subscription to the paper to use. [Paid Content]

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