Breakfast links: Mountainous state heads for Google Cloud

Also: Don't check in without it

•Wyoming is now officially the first state in the U.S. to entirely move its government employees over to Google Apps for Government. It's worth keeping in mind, though, that Wyoming is the least populous state in the union. Don't get cocky, Google. [IW]

•If you thought that the craze of people "checking in" everywhere and anywhere would someday blessedly run its course, then you'll probably be sad to learn that Foursquare has signed a deal with American Express, which is a real company run by grownups. [NYT]

Electronic Arts may be willing to pay $1 billion to buy PopCap and get an foothold in the iOS gaming market. [TC]

•There are over a million iPhone users on the T-Mobile network, which is pretty impressive, especially when you consider that the T-Mobile doesn't even sell the iPhone and can't support it at 3G speeds. [ZDNet]

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