Breakfast links: LulzSec gets political

Plus: The Winklevi don't quit, they just pivot

•Does LulzSec have some kind of non-lulz-based set of political beliefs? The rampaging hacker group is releasing a host of classified documents about Arizona law enforcement, as a result of their beef with the recently enacted tough immigration law there. [CNN]

•It appears that the Winklevi haven't so much given up on their fight against Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook as changed venues and tactics. The good-looking millionaires have shifted their fight from the western Ninth Circuit to the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts. [CNet]

4G could become less of a meaningless buzzword (or buzz-letter-number-combo) if a law passes requiring carriers to explain how fast their version of 4G actually is. [MSNBC]

•The node.js JavaScript framework is coming to Windows Azure! This is actually kind of a big deal, trust us. [Ars]

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