Dark Side Video Training 101

How to channel your inner Anakin (or Darth)

The folks at Howcast have offered up a handy video guide about "How to Turn to the Dark Side", for any would-be Sith Lords or other villains-to-be. Because, let's face it, everyone's gotta start somewhere, and the Dark Side (whether it's the Force, or following Sauron) always seems to have cooler powers and better gadgets (come on, double-edged light sabers are totally awesome).

The Dark Side / Light Side conflict also plays out in a lot of video games these days - players are often given the choice to be good or evil. Interestingly, playing as a bad guy is more difficult, because if you stay good you tend to get more quests and rewards, while if you just kill all of the quest-givers, there's less to do.

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