Breakfast links: Press-hyped HP TouchPad arrives, press says 'meh'

Plus: App stores make a killing

•The HP TouchPad, which tech writers, eager for drama that drives pageviews, have been touting as a worthy competitor for the iPad, will hit stores tomorrow. The pundits have had test units for a while, and they're starting to weigh in. Unfortunately for HP, they're weighing in with headlines like "Slick but sluggish," "More blah than brilliant," and "Needs more apps." [MSNBC/AP/All Things D]

•Is anyone interested in Google+? Apparently! Google had to turn off invitations last night due to "insane demand." [Venture Beat]

•In a bold but hilariously unrealistic move, Samsung is following up its claim that Apple's iPhone and iPad violate its patents by demanding that the US ban the importation of the beloved iGadgets into the country. [AP]

•Analysts predict that total software sales through all app stores will total $7.3 billion this year and will almost double in 2012. [AppleInsider]

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