Breakfast links: Apple to make new iPhone, sun to rise in east

Plus: Amazon gets into the tablet market, because why not?

•Literally everyone on the planet knows that Apple is planning on coming out with an iPhone 5. Bloomberg now has some rumored details, and they're boring: A5 processor, improved camera, more or less identical enclosure. Somewhat more interesting is news that the company is working on a cheaper model, based on the the iPhone 4, that could be sold in developing countries. [Bloomberg]

•The EFF will no longer be accepting Bitcoin donations -- not because of the recent hack attack against Mt. Gox, but because of the host of legal question surrounding the pseudo-currency. [El Reg]

Amazon is supposedly working on a real tablet that will compete more directly against the iPad than the Kindle currently does. It reportedly will have a color e-ink screen; no word yet on the OS. [CNet]

•Adobe keeps coming up with clever ways to get programs written in Flash onto the iPad. [Ars]

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