Breakfast links: Google in big trouble over Wi-Fi snooping

Also: 'Something awesome' from Facebook, for once

•After collecting wireless data from Wi-Fi connections "by mistake" from its Google Street View cars, Google is facing charges of wire-tapping. Google's defense is that anybody could have collected that unguarded data (though it seems pointing out that most people didn't). [BBC]

LightSquared, a controversial startup that wants to set up a nationwide 4G network that will probably interfere with GPS signals, has filed a fix with the FCC that it says will prevent that interference. [CNet]

Facebook is planning on launching "something awesome" next week, according to Mark Zuckerberg, which is great because we're all tired of the parade of non-awesome product launches this industry has seen over the past few months. [Reuters]

•Speaking of awesome social networking news, Google announced that an API is in the works for Google+ that will allow developers to build apps and games for the platform. In other news, Google some time ago bought Slide, the company that developed one of the first big Facebook games, SuperPoke. Coincidence? [BI]

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