Who Buys Hulu? Google, Microsoft, or Yahoo Bid

Technically, this news is two weeks old, since Hulu's owners (Disney and News Corp as lead partners, with NBC/Comcast providing content but unable to dictate policy) announced they wanted to test the market. Not too much uproar at the time, but now we have fireworks.

New bidders? Google vs Microsoft vs Yahoo. Headline from the LA Times says: Google, Inc. In Preliminary Talks To Buy Hulu. Bloomberg says there may be as many as a dozen bidders, including AT&T, for Hulu and its 28 million monthly visitors (and the expected $500 million in revenue this year, balanced against their content deals that vacuum up much of that).

This would be awesome if Google got it. standard Android App, GoogleTV integration and maybe no ads in Hulu plus since that is a major gripe holding people back. -- Michael Interbartolo III on LA Times

Over at HuffPost, people are choosing sides.

I dunno if the anti-trust people would approve of a Google-Hulu merger, the combined entity would control almost all the video plays on the internet...though it would be a perfect way to completely eliminate this particular source of competition... -- FabulousTahoe, HuffPost
microsoft is in a buying spree, so i would see them taking hulu. it would do well for them, especially giving them a small presence on the playstatio¬n 3, where hulu plus began. [sic] -- Mike Clark II, HuffPost Super User
I don't know if this deal is good or bad -- but anything's better than Yahoo! -- GraniteSkyline
If it frees Hulu from the claws of Rupert Murdoch, I'm all for it. -- edgeninja

Salon readers are talking about this as well:

Considering the anti-trust investigation into Google I would be surprised if it was them. -- Ian Cognito

Microsoft has a fan on Salon:

I think Microsoft should look at getting into the ring. They have bold plans to make XBOX the cable box of the future, and Hulu would be the perfect addition to ensure that transition. Also, it's perfectly logical to watch live TV (coming to Xbox next year) and on-demand TV from the same box... it's the behavior consumers exhibit now. This will just take it to the next level. -- Brian Chiger

Time to vote, so get your comments ready. List the company you think should buy Hulu, then why. Sorry, but "none of the above" is not allowed. Geek up and take a stand.

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