Breakfast links: Fake presidential assassination news no way to keep a low profile

Also: Is Steve Jobs stronger than the Secret Service?

•Hackers out for yet more lulz apparently thought it'd be fun to hack into Fox News's Twitter account and post hoax tweets about President Obama's death. The Secret Service is now on the case, which means we'll find out if this branch of the U.S. government is better than any of the others in tracking down hackers. [Detroit Free Press]

•Or maybe Apple will succeed where others fail? AntiSec is targeting Apple now; maybe Steve Jobs's rage will finally cleanse the Internet of this scourge. [TechSpot]

Google's much-heralded move into real-time search seems to have hit a snag, as its Twitter livestream search results have been suspended. [Mashable]

•Remember when iPhone 4 prototypes were incredibly valuable? Like, before the iPhone 4 went on sale? Apparently someone not understanding how supply and demand works is trying to sell one now. [PC Mag]

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