The Wiggles, YouTube and Me (a love story)

Why I dressed up like a grape and sang with a giant stuffed ape

One of the curses of tracking YouTube and viral videos on the InterWebs is that I run across contests like the one currently being conducted by The Wiggles, an Australian children's band that is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a U.S. and Canadian tour. The band is asking parents to submit videos of themselves singing their song, "Fruit Salad" to YouTube and have people vote on the videos. The band is selecting one person from each city on their tour to perform the song with the group in that city.

Normally this would cause little notice on my part, and I'd go back to tracking down cool robot videos, or funny Darth Vader clips, etc. Except that my three kids LOVE the Wiggles. Absolutely adore them. On car trips, I have to play their songs over and over and over again.

So what does a loving father do in this case? Yep, tape a bunch of purple balloons to his T-shirt, stand next to a purple stuffed ape (which he happened to win a few days earlier at a local carnival) and sing Fruit Salad (yummy, yummy!).

Observe (if you dare - bwahahahaha)

Uploading the video was the easy part - now I need help from my social network to vote "thumbs up" on the video in order to possibly win the contest for my city (Cape Cod). If your eyes aren't truly burning, head to YouTube and click on the "Vote" tab, then search for "Keith" or choose the "Cape Cod" category and click the green thumbs up button to cast your vote. I'll update the blog with the results if/when we hear from them.

Remember, I did it for my kids...

UPDATE: For those still reading this, I lost the dumb contest. I guess I wasn't overly enthusiastic enough for The Wiggles (at least in this video), because the guy who won was superbly fake and phony, but I'm not bitter or anything...

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