RIM continues to slide in U.S. market

BlackBerry maker loses 1 million U.S. subscribers in three months

You know how over the past few months some analysts would dismiss Research in Motion's declining market share by pointing out that the BlackBerry maker actually was increasing smartphone sales as the total market continues to grow?

Well, that's no longer a valid argument. According to the latest data from comScore, RIM lost 1 million subscribers in the U.S. in the three months ended in May.

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There were 18.97 million BlackBerry users in the U.S. in May, down from 19.97 million in the three months ended in February, comScore reports.

RIM's share of the U.S. smartphone market shrank to 24.7 percent from 28.9 percent in February.

To understand what's happened to RIM, look no further than the subscriber numbers posted by Google's Android mobile OS, which increased its U.S. user base to 29.26 million in May from 22.80 in February, an increase of 6.46 million.

Android through May owns 38.1 percent of the U.S. smartphone market, up from 33.0 percent in February.

Apple also has continued to attract more U.S. subscribers, gaining 3.02 million to 20.43 million in the three months through May. The iPhone's U.S. market share increased to 26.6 percent from 25.2 percent.

Microsoft's share of the U.S. smartphone OS market slipped to 5.8 percent in May from 7.7 percent in February.

comScore also reported an increase in the percentage of mobile subscribers who played games on their devices to 26.9 percent from 24.6 percent in February.

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