Breakfast links: Tablets hit the big boxes

Plus: An old-school 'phreaking' scandal rocks Britain

Credit: Source: paulswansen/Flickr

•When will the various non-iPad tablets hit the mainstream? Well, prominent placement in big box stores like Best Buy will go a long way towards making that happen. [Cnet]

•Not satisfied to be have a Google+ notification bar on top of every one of its search pages, Google is now working on a standalone iOS app for its new social networking service. [GigaOm]

•Third place is probably not where RIM wants to be in the smartphone race, but that seems to be the groove it's settling into, and a distant third at that. At least it's still beating Windows Phone and webOS! [LAT]

•Britain is enthralled by a tabloid phone phreaking scandal that summons up memories of pioneering hackers like Captain Crunch. The News of the World tabloid is accused of using "hacking" to break into the voicemail of various royals, celebrities, and crime victims, though what they probably did was just use brute force to guess the four-digit passwords that secured the mail systems. [Telegraph]

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