Google+ vanity URL shortener crops up

More than 64,000 Google+ users have signed up for the service, giving an indication of how big the Google+ test field is

It didn't take long for a link shortener for your Google+ profile to debut. More than 64,000 Google+ accounts have been entered at the site, All that's required is copying and pasting the long string of numbers from your Google+ profile URL and picking a nickname for your new, snappier link. For example, Tom Anderson of MySpace fame was quick to snag

The number of people who have signed up for the service also gives us one of our first hints at just how big the Google+ field test must be. has received minimal attention as of this writing, but its user base is growing by the minute. Doing some multiple refreshes of the page, folks seem to be signing up at a rate of 1-2 new users every second, at least at the moment. This makes me think that the size of the field test must easily be well into the hundreds of thousands. is not a Google product, it's actually owned by a Turkish developer, who has apparently been obsessively redesigning the site. It's already undergone three iterations.

Google doesn't offer vanity URLs, presumably because it would make it too easy for spammers to decipher Google+ users' Gmail addresses.

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