Gaming update: Hulu Xbox confirmed, Redbox expanding video game rental service, and more [video]

Is it just me, or has this work week been going on forever? TGIF and all that. To ease into the weekend I just wanted to share a few quick news morsels with my fellow gamers.

First, the rumors were accurate, and Hulu Plus is indeed coming to the Xbox 360 today. You'll be able to access it free until May 6th, so you've got time to see if it's worth $8/month for you. This free period has nothing to do with Hulu's trial offer, but is instead a sponsored free period compliments of, and no I'm not kidding, Jack Link's Beef Jerky. Major Nelson's blog has the details. Just keep in mind when May 6th comes around you should still be able to get an additional week's free trial from Hulu if you sign up on their site.

Next up, gaming blog Siliconera claims that mobile game Fruit Ninja is coming to the Xbox 360 and bringing along Kinect controls for good measure. Fruit Ninja has you slicing through thrown fruit via swiping your finger across the surface of your mobile device. A Kinect version sounds...interesting and perhaps a tad dangerous. It'll probably look something like this:

Last for today, Redbox is expanding its video game rental service. They've been testing this service for two years and now according to Gamasutra they're ready to expand. Games (for PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii, no handhelds or PC titles) will cost $2/night and should be available during the week they launch. They'll be offering 20 titles at a time (and hope to expand that to 24).

There are no 'test' kiosks in my area so I have no experience with game renting via Redbox. The company says they're aiming for a mid-June (the 17th, specifically) deployment of the post-test service. It isn't clear whether that means every Redbox kiosk will be offering games or if it'll be select locations. If you're in the current test market and have tried out the game rental service, I'd love to hear what you thought of it. Please leave a comment!

And that's all I have for today. Have a great weekend, folks!

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