Morning wrap-up: Apple's valuation to get another zero?

Steve Wozniak
Credit: Source: REUTERS/Tim Chong
  • James Altuscher, an investor at Formula Capital, thinks that Apple will be worth $1 trillion, and soon! He waxes enthusiastic about Apple's growth potential talking to Business Insider's Henry Blodget in this video. It's been repeatedly proven over the past few years that betting against Apple is a dumb idea, but to me nothing says "bubble" like a bunch of guys on Wall Street talking about ludicrous numbers while grinning maniacally. [Yahoo Finance]
  • MySQL founder Marten Mickos thinks Oracle is doing great things with MySQL's codebase -- its community, not so much. [Network World]
  • If multinational tech companies do get serious about improving their privacy record, Americans might have Europeans to thank for it. [NYT]
  • It's a fight between lesser-known founders of iconic tech companies! Woz calls Paul Allen a "patent troll." [El Reg]
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