Anonymous threatens to attack Iran

Threatened May Day attacks designed to reignite Iran antigovernment protests

Hactivist group Anonymous promised to attack the digital infrastructure of Iran later today, according to an announcement on its public site.

Though it didn't predict the form the attacks would take, the announcement said the attacks will be made in hopes of reigniting popular protests against the government.

Attacks were scheduled to begin at 1 a.m. today, to coincide with the May 1 International Worker's Day.

The attacks are to come in response to accusations by the government of Bahrain that hackers from Iran attacked the Bahrain Housing Agency, attempting to crack into the database listing those receiving housing benefits from the government.

Amid sometimes-violent sectarian protests, Shiite groups have accused the Sunni-dominated Bahranian government of giving Sunnis a disproportionate share of housing benefits.

Iran's conservative, clergy dominated government is predominantly Shiite.

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