Self-driving cars: Threat or Menace?

Dodge ad challenges joy of robot drivers

I don't often enjoy putting up commercials on this blog, but this one from Dodge (touting the new Dodge Charger) is interesting in that it shows us a world where robots and computers are doing many, many things for us. Except the one thing that Dodge Charger customers really want to do by themselves.

The advertising message aside, self-driving cars have been presented to us before. In the movie "Total Recall", Arnold Schwarzenegger's character catches a robot-controlled cab on Mars (WARNING: NSFW for language), but then rips out the robot when he realizes he's being chased and that he can drive it better.

Back in the real-world, GM showed off a self-driving car in 2008 at the Consumer Electronics Show. Nick Barber from the IDG News Service got a test-drive.

So the big question becomes, will the world be better or worse with self-driving cars and robot drivers? Depends on who you ask, I guess.

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