Bin Laden videos (animated) start hitting the Web (UPDATED)

In absence of real video, the Web starts cooking

The death of Osama bin Laden is starting to spur lots of Internet-created videos, both real and imagined. On the real side, ABC News has posted a video tour of the compound where the alleged raid took place.

On the imagined side, we are seeing animated versions of the incident. For example, one day later, the folks at NMA (the Taiwan firm that animates news events) put out its NSFW-version of the raid (linked here, but not embedded). Today, the group has a news report about the IT consultant who Tweeted information about the raid (much safer, so embedded here)

UPDATE: The folks at NMA continue to crank out new animations, this one they are calling the full-scale "The Bin Laden movie, the animated version", which adds in details about President Obama watching the raid live at the White House, plus more action:

We also found another NMA-created video, this one posted by the New York Post, with their possible view of the raid:

The folks over at The Daily also added some animation to their coverage, adding photos and satellite imagery to their report of what the compound looked like:

Of course, we also are seeing the Internet meme wave take over, with videos connecting bin Laden to other memes like Keyboard Cat and Hitler reacting.

With all of these animations floating around, it might be better to have the government release the actual videos, so the animators can get working on showing the real event, not these imagined creations. What do you think?

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