Breakfast links: Music labels grumble at Google

•Why weren't Google and the music labels able to come to an agreement about Google's new music locker service? A report at a music business industry conference has the fairly straightforward answers: The labels wanted upfront payments larger than Google would give, indies wanted equal treatment with majors, people were freaking out about this cutting into existing revenue streams, and a contentious but understood relationship with Apple lurked in the background. [Hollywood Reporter]

Yahoo continues to buy things, their latest acquisition being 5:1, an advertising platform. Wait, doesn't Yahoo already own, like, multiple advertising platforms? [TechCrunch]

•In addition to changing the mobile phone and tablet market, Android is also going to revolutionize home automation, according to Google. No word on why this is different from all the other technologies over the past 50 years that were going to bring us the high-tech home of the future that keeps not materializing. [Ars]

•Speaking of things that are always just about to happen but generally don't, Visa is planning to roll out a mobile payment system. [CW]

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