Google's share of U.S. search market dips

Yahoo, Microsoft's Bing both inch up, now combine for 30% of market

Google is a long way off from convening an emergency executive meeting to deal with the perilous decline in its search market share.

Still, April was a down month for the online search leader, which saw its share of the U.S. market decline to 65.4 percent from 65.7 percent in March, according to comScore.

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Meanwhile, Yahoo and Microsoft's Bing search engine each gained 0.2 percent, Yahoo rising to 15.9 percent from 15.7 percent, and Bing climbing to 14.1 percent from 13.9 percent.

Yahoo, of course, has a search partnership with Microsoft in which Bing technology is used to power Yahoo searches.

Ask Network and AOL each lost 0.1 percent of market share, falling to 3.0 percent and 1.5 percent, respectfully.

How different are things in the U.S. search market than they were a year ago? Not much, really. Google had 64.4 percent market share in April 2010 -- 1 percent less than this past month -- while Yahoo had 17.7 percent and Bing 11.8 percent, according to comScore. So the two partners combined for 29.5 percent in April 2010, almost identical to last month's 30 percent combined share.

Search activity was down overall in April, comScore reported. Google handled 4 percent fewer “explicit core” queries than it did in March, while Yahoo and Bing each handled 3 percent fewer queries.

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