Breakfast links: New tech bubble in the works?

Plus: Humility from Microsoft? It must be Friday the 13th.

•Snooty British magazine The Economist writes a fairly convincing opinion piece that a new tech bubble is in the works, driven largely not by suckers on the stock exchange but by angel investors (who, somewhat ironically, made their fortunes from suckers who bought stock in their companies during the last tech bubble). The magazine does outline why the landscape is different now, but then smugly points out that it also called the first tech bubble and the housing bubble, so, fair warning. [The Economist]

Microsoft issued an apology for glitches in its Online Services suite. In some cases these glitches prevented emails from arriving for nine hours. Fun activity: Build a time a machine, go back to 1981, and explain to the average person how a message arriving nine hours after it was sent is a bad thing. [Geekwire]

•The headline on this ZDNet post nicely sums up Android's fragmentation problem. [ZDNet]

•The Taliban is on Twitter, everybody! [Guardian]

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