Zuckerberg wants preteens on Facebook, for their 'education'

If you've ever wondered about why there's a cut-off for 13-year-olds on Facebook, it's a result of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, which prevents companies from profiting from children's personal data. (That's why there's often an age cutoff of 13 for joining run-of-the-mill message boards, as well.) Of course, we all know that there are millions of preteens on Facebook who simply lie about their age, and Mark Zuckerberg wants that situation normalized. "That will be a fight we take on at some point," he says, "fight" presumably meaning a lobbying fight to change the law. Since he made the statement at a NewSchools Summit, he also says that this is about "education," an area of modern life that will apparently also be Facebookized. The Today Show helpfully pointed out how profitable this will be for Facebook.

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