Breakfast links: Apple is the music labels' pet

Plus: LinkedIn to become the world's most valuable recruiting firm?

•One of Apple's magic powers is keeping the music labels just happy enough to stay in their good graces -- which, as a rule, is not particularly happy. Still, the company hasn't openly launched a war against the labels as Google and Amazon have, and now Apple seems to be on the verge of signing deals with the labels in advance of the unveiling of yet another cloud locker service. Apple will end up third in this race, but with some features that the other non-approved cloud providers can't match -- you won't have to actually upload all your music into the cloud, for instance. [CNet]

•Wondering how LinkedIn might be making the sort of money that would justify its upcoming IPO? Most of it comes from advertising and recruiting -- or, in the company's hilarious formulation, "marketing solutions" and "hiring solutions." [BI]

•You will certainly be completely shocked to learn that Facebook's Like buttons and Twitter's Tweet buttons track your browsing habits even if you don't click on them. WSJ

•Everyone in America has a smartphone, according to an online ad service who tracks the type of devices that access its ads! And by "everyone in America" we mean "everyone who uses a phone to surf the Web," which, um, kind of not a surprising result when you put it that way, right? [PCMag]

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