Wondering who's gotten rich off Facebook? This site will tell you

Who OWNS Facebook offers definitive guide (that you're probably not in)

We all know that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has become a multibillionaire from the social networking site he founded.

And we also know that the Winklevoss twins got many millions of dollars in a settlement after claiming that Zuckerberg stole their idea while all were attending Harvard almost a decade ago.

But who else is getting a lucrative ride on the Facebook gravy train? A site called Who Owns Facebook? has compiled a list of all Facebook shareholders and the value of their stake in the company.

Here's a partial list of Facebook shareholders, including the percentage of the company they own and its value. All dollar figures are based on an $85 billion valuation.

Mark Zuckerberg (CEO, co-founder)

Stake: 24%

Value: $20.4 billion

Accel Partners (early VC investor)

Stake: 15%

Value: $12.75 billion

Dustin Moskovitz (co-founder, former employee, Harvard roommate of Zuck)

Stake: 6%

Value: $5.1 billion

Digital Sky Technologies (corporate investor)

Stake: 5%

Value: $4.25 billion

Eduardo Saverin (co-founder, former employee, Harvard classmate of Zuck)

Stake: 5%

Value: $4.25 billion

Sean Parker (early advisor, first company president)

Stake: 4%

Value: $3.4 billion

Peter Thiel (angel investor)

Stake: 3%

Value: $2.55 billion

Microsoft (corporate investor)

Stake: 1.6%

Value: $1.36 billion

Those top eight shareholders collectively own 63.6% of Facebook, so that leaves more than one-third of the company for many other smaller investors -- still plenty of wealth to go around. You can check Who OWNS Facebook? to see who else has a piece of the action.

By the way, in addition to their $65 million settlement with Zuckerberg, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss each own a .022% stake in the company, worth $18.7 million apiece.

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