10 essential tips for using your new iPad 2

Swipe, tap, and shake your way to a better iPad experience.

Today's tip comes from Wallace Wang, author of My New iPad 2.

Whether you're new to the iPad or a longtime user, here are some tips that will improve your iPad experience: 1) Trying to get through a bunch of email quickly? Archive or delete unimportant messages quickly by SWIPING on their subject line in the Mail app. Need to make room for new stuff? The swipe-to-delete gesture works in several other apps like Videos and iBooks, too.

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2) Browsing Safari when a bad song comes on? DOUBLE-CLICK the home button, swipe the icons to the right, and press fast-forward in the iPod controls. (You can even use these iPod controls while your iPad is locked!) 3) Reading an article in Safari? DOUBLE-TAP a column of text to zoom into it perfectly. Once you're finished, jump back to the top of the page by tapping the very top of the iPad's screen (the status bar). 4) The SWITCH on the side of your iPad can be configured to be a mute button or a rotation lock! Choose your switch in Settings > General > Use Side Switch.

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5) SHAKE your iPad to undo a cut, paste, or even a bit of typing. Just be gentle! 6) Force your iPad to DISCONNECT from WiFi networks that have limited connectivity in Settings > WiFi by pressing the blue arrow, then "Forget this Network." 7) Have an iPhone and an iPad? You can install all the iPhone apps you've already purchased on the iPad, too. Just sync your IPHONE APPS in iTunes when you connect your iPad to your Mac or PC. Many apps are built for both iPhones and iPads -- those that aren't can be scaled up by pressing the 2× button in the lower righthand corner. 8) You can SYNC YOUR BOOKS across all your devices automatically, including your bookmarks, just by turning on Settings > iBooks > Sync Collections. 9) Want to read ebooks, but can't wait until payday? Browse public domain classics like Heart of Darkness and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes available from Project Gutenberg and Google Books, and download FREE EPUBs! Just drag the files into iTunes on your Mac or PC and sync them to your iPad. 10) Prefer playing music through your computer speakers, but reading the news on the iPad? You can control iTunes playing on your Mac or PC by using the free REMOTE app. What's your favorite iPad trick?

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