Having trouble with Amazon.com downloads? Blame Lady Gaga

Monday's special one-day promotion of singer's second album overloads online retailer's servers

First there were the interminably long lines outside butcher shops across the country last September prompted by the meat dress she wore at the MTV Video Music Awards.

And now this.

OK, I made up the part about the lines outside butcher shops, but Grammy Award winner Lady Gaga -- who has more than 10.3 million Twitter followers -- definitely was behind the sluggish downloads at Amazon.com on Monday.

The online retailer featured a special one-day, 99-cent offer for the singer's second studio album (why do we keep calling them "albums," anyway?), which sparked so much interest that many users visiting Amazon.com reported huge delays, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Maybe most of the action occurred earlier in the day, because I had no problems with Amazon.com later Monday night.

In case you're interested, by the way, here's the Amazon page where you can download MP3 files of songs from "Born This Way," including "Government Hooker," "Bloody Mary" and "Hair" (no, not the title song of the '60s musical; do you really think Lady G would be that retro?).

Though I didn't see it, WSJ reports that Amazon posted a note on its site and on Twitter thanking users for their patience and promising those who ordered the new album but weren't able to download the songs Monday that they'll still be able to get it at the 99-cent price.

Sadly, not all users were patient. Twenty-two of 57 reviewers as of 10:30 p.m. Monday gave "Born This Way" just one star, with many citing the download problems. Which is like someone panning the iPad because they had to wait in a long line outside an Apple store. People, you must separate the art from the commerce.

However, here's one pan that doesn't mention the server woes at all:

for 0.99 cents that is paying 0.98 more cents more than what it is worth!!! TERRRIBLE AND CHEESY SONGS. do not buy. not worth it if it was FREE. such and untalented copycat she is. do not buy this garbage.

Ouch. A little digging, though, reveals that just last month the same reviewer gave a 5-star rave to Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour CD/DVD:

after seeing the sticky and sweet tour twice and being 1 foot from her both nights it is so nice to see see the show from a sifferent viewpoint and as always madonna NEVER fails to deliver. totally awesome, great show, great dvd/cd combo! rock on madonna. long live the queen.

So I think we know where this Madge fanboy is coming from.

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