Breakfast links: Apple's music cloud looms

Plus: Will lolcats remake the publishing business?

Apple's coming cloud locker service is apparently inching closer to reality as the company nears agreements with major record labels. While Apple's been beaten to the punch by Google and Amazon, an agreement with the labels will mean that iTunes users won't have to actually upload their files to the cloud by hand, which might make the service more attractive. [CNet]

•Continuing its drive to absorb all elements of the Twitter ecosystem, Twitter bought Tweetdeck for the bubble-tastic figure of $40 million. [Atlantic]

•Having proved that funny pictures of adorable kitties can be used as a foundation for a multi-million-dollar empire, Ben Huh of the Cheezburger Network has come up with a new publishing platform that he thinks will transform the way news and other content is put up online. [ReadWriteWeb]

Sony, attempting to grab headlines for something not related to terrible security breaches, unveiled a new prototype display that can be folded almost as easily as paper. [Engadget]

Duke Nukem Forever has hit gold master status! It's really happening, you guys! [Gearbox Software]

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