Breakfast links: Sony hacked again

Plus: WebOS tablet finally arrives ... at Wal-Mart?

Sony hasn't exactly been having a good year, security-wise! The PSN still struggling back to life after a nasty hack, and now comes word that someone's gotten illicit access to Sony's Thai site, posting phishing pages on the domain (see screenshot above). [F-Secure]

•Apple plans to roll out an LTE 4G iPhone in ... China? This is according to China Mobile, anyway. It's unclear whether this just means that China Mobile is being kept in the loop on Apple's 4G development, or if they're working on a China-specific phone, or indeed if this has any basis in reality whatsoever. [IB Times]

•Why, yes, ARM would be happy to smack-talk about Intel's mobile ambitions, thanks for asking! CW

•The Mac Defender malware has been around for a few weeks, but it's becoming something of a scandal, especially considering that AppleCare is refusing to confirm or deny its existence. [ZDNet/Tom's Hardware]

The HP Touchpad is coming to Wal-Mart for $599! Let's see if anyone is still interested. [Pre Central]

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