Breakfast links: IBM bests Microsoft, if only briefly

Plus: Google imagines a links-only Web

•Remember IBM, which was Microsoft before Microsoft was Microsoft? Well, IBM may now be Microsoft again (unless Google is, or maybe Apple). The venerable Big Blue was briefly more valuable than Microsoft last week, which must have been mildly exciting to the company's teams of consultants. [AFP]

•Just in time for the 10th anniversary of the Apple Store, Apple has revamped the retail experience, making it easier and more fun with iPads, just as Apple plans to make your life easier and more fun with iPads. [VentureBeat]

•On the note of things that are neither easy nor fun, a Foxconn facility that produces Apple products was rocked by an explosion this past weekend that killed three workers. [SF Gate]

•When's the last time you typed in a Web address like a sucker? Wouldn't it be easier to just follow links? Links supplied by, say, an incredibly intelligent search engine? Google seems to be following this line of thought by taking the URL bar out of Chrome. [Ars]

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