Maybe Apple is a religion after all!

MRI experiment shows that at least one fanboy has reached the stage of 'worship'

I wrote on Thursday about the folly of "loving" a corporation. Apparently I was understating the phenomenon -- at least in terms of Apple.

From the BBC via The Consumerist comes news that a recent MRI of a professional Apple fanboy "found that the brand stimulated the same areas of the brain as religious imagery does to people of faith."

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In a British documentary called "Secrets of the Superbrands," host Alex Riley persuaded Alex Brooks, the editor of a website called World of Apple and a guy who, according to The Consumerist, "claims to think about Apple 24 hours a day," to be his brain guinea pig.

The Consumerist's Ben Popken writes:

Scientists studied the reaction of his brain when exposed to images of Apple products and non-Apple products. When he was looking at Apple stuff, the areas of his brain lit up in the same way as religious people's do when shown faith-based imagery.

OK, that's just troubling. Does this mean that if Steve Jobs called Brooks, the World of Apple editor would think he's talking to God?

And can we infer that Brooks and other Apple devotees believe people who criticize the company are tantamount to the devil? Wait a minute, I retract that question because I don't want to know the answer.

The mind reels.

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