Breakfast links: Time for Steve Ballmer to go?

Plus: Mac Defender gets meaner

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•David Einhorn, the head of a New York hedge fund, is perhaps the first major investor to publicly call for Steve Ballmer to resign as Microsoft CEO, referring to his leadership style as "Charlie Brown management" (is that a bald joke?). He must not be that upset, though, because he still thinks Microsoft shares trade at a "remarkable discount." [BW]

•The Mac Defender malware is getting tougher, with a new version in the wild that doesn't even need an admin password to do its dirty work. [CW]

AT&T's 4G service is going to hit four more cities this summer. [WSJ]

•Is the world ready for an in-dash display for the iPhone, so you can enjoy your favorite apps while you drive? Probably not, but it's here anyway. [UberGizmo]

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