Breakfast links: Windows Tablet sneak peek

Plus: Zuckerberg, mighty hunter

•Wait, don't fire Steve Ballmer yet! He's still got to preview the company's latest offering: A Windows-based tablet built around NVidia's ARM-based Tegra chip. This demonstration will reportedly happen as early as next week, though the question of when it will actually arrive in stores is anybody's guess. (Remember, Ballmer and even Bill Gates have been faithfully demoing tablet versions of Windows at various events since 2002, all of which have either failed to materialize or had so little impact on the industry that they may as well have failed to materialize.) [Bloomberg]

•Facebook is building up its "DC operation" (which we assume is code for "lobbying efforts") by hiring an ex-Bush spokesperson as vice president of public policy. In other Facebook news, Mark Zuckerberg is only going to eat the flesh of animals he kills himself. [IBT/Time]

Sony is having a bunch of fun events to mark the PSN's return from its disastrous security breach. [CVG]

•New definition of "hard labor": Chinese prisoners forced to goldfarm in World of Warcraft. [Mashable]

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