Breakfast links: Ultrabooks to be more tablet-y than Netbooks

Plus: Apple confirms existence of word 'iCloud'

•At long last, Intel plans to make a move into the tablet market where it has long floundered by launching -- tiny, power-efficient notebooks? These ultrabooks will be very much like netbooks except that the keyboard will fold back and then you can touch the screen. Company VP Mooly Eden, forgetting that you should never admit that your products are confusing, said "There'll be some confusion if you look at the fold factor; when you open it you'll see a PC but if you're on the go, just fold it and suddenly it's a tablet. Is it a PC? Is it a tablet? I think it doesn't matter." [Reuters]

•A press released indicated that Apple will be discussing something called iCloud at its WWDC conference next week. Will it be the long-awaited music cloud locker, a rebranded MobileMe (which was a rebranded .Mac, which was a rebranded iTools), or something else entirely? [CNet]

•Rumor has it that Windows 8 will merge both the PC Windows 7 and the mobile Windows Phone 7 codebase into one operating system, making either or both of those current operating systems the Windows ME of the '10s. [GottaBeMobile]

•The PlayStation Network will be back on line by the end of this week! For real! [USAT]

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