Samsung doubling down on Android tablet bet

Head of company's mobile unit vows continuing relationship with Google

Samsung 10.1 Tab.jpgPhoto credit:Samsung
The 10.1" Samsung Galaxy Tab™

Samsung Electronics, which last October launched a tablet powered by Google's Android mobile operating system, plans to continue relying on the search giant's OS as the tablet market heats up.

The company will roll out a pair of new Galaxy Tab devices over the summer that will run on Honeycomb, the newest version of Android, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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The larger of the two devices, measuring 10.1 inches, is slated to be released next month and will sell for $499 to $599.

A smaller version, measuring 8.9 inches, will ship later in the summer.

While Apple's iPad continues to dominate the tablet market with more than 80 percent of sales, Samsung has emerged as the largest seller of Android-powered tablets with the 7-inch Galaxy, eclipsing rivals such as HTC and Motorola.

The WSJ reports that the head of Samsung's mobile unit said in an interview that the company remains committed to Android, despite having its own mobile OS, called Bada:

"We'll continue to work with Android on future tablets," J.K. Shin said in an interview at Samsung's headquarters in Suwon, South of Seoul.

Shin told the WSJ that part of Samsung's strategy in the tablet market is to offer the devices in several different sizes.

It actually is a logical strategy in that no one really knows what the "sweet spot" is for tablet size, so why not put a few options out there to see what happens?

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