Breakfast links: Eric Schmidt admits failure

Plus: Apple's WWDC keynote is going to be a big deal whether Apple agrees to it or not.

•At the All Things D conference, Eric Schmidt said that he "screwed up" as Google CEO when it came to meeting the threat to the company from Facebook. Too bad he's already quit! What're they going to do now, fire him? [LAT]

•Schmidt also revealed that Google and Apple just reupped their deal that put Google Maps on iPhones. [Reuters]

•One of the theories about Apple's unusual series of WWDC preannouncements is that the company is managing expectations because it won't have any flashy new hardware to show off. If that's the case, it hasn't worked, as Wall Street now appears to have big expectations for the keynote. [AppleInsider]

•Companies making tablets that aren't called "iPads" are slowing down their tablet production, apparently because they aren't selling as well as expected. [IBT]

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